Bitumen modification

Polymer Modified Bitumens (PMB) are widely used in road paving to improve durability and quality of heavy traffic roads.

Among the polymers used in bitumen for road paving, EVA is well known for its compatibility with various bitumens as well as the excellent mechanical properties it brings to asphalt (rutting resistance). Under extreme climate conditions, EVA has to be replaced by polymers with better mechanical properties at low temperatures (-20°C to -40°C).


The best compromise between the required end-use properties and the bitumen polymer compatibility can be achieved with EBA copolymers.


In addition, Evatane® and Lotryl® bring cohesive strength, making bitumen more resiliant and tougher (thermal and fatigue resistance). These copolymers are also used to produce waterproof roofing membranes.


Recommended grades:  
24MA02T 29MA03T
35BA40 35BA40T


Grades are chosen upon the targeted properties