Soft touch film

Lotryl® resins are easy to process by blown and cast extrusion for making monolayer or coextruded films. Available grades allow the end customer to adjust flexibility, sealability and adhesion.

It is recommended to use special additives during extrusion in order to adjust slip and antiblocking properties of the final film. It can be done using available SK Functional Polymer masterbatches.


Combination of flexibility (use of high co-monomer content grades of Lotryl) and additives (slip, antiblock) leads to films having so called “Soft Touch” feeling.


For example, such films can be used to make disposable gloves.


At very low shear rate, Lotryl 24MA005 (fractional MFI) becomes viscous and his melt strength is adapted to large width, thick blown film extrusion and for blow moulding of heavy parisons (pouchs).


Advantages of such soft touch films:

  • No plasticizer added in the polymer
  • Flexible film with good touch
  • Sealability
  • Elastic properties for high acrylate ratio


Recommended Lotryl® grades (with SK Functional Polymer masterbatches):  
17BA04 18MA02
20MA08 24MA005 especially for blow molding