Hot melt adhesives

Lotryl® and Lotryl® HMA copolymers are used as structural base in hot melt adhesives formulation especially when thermal stability and cold flexibility are required.

Due to its high affinity with both tackifying resins and fillers, high fluidity Lotryl® range is the right choice to formulate hot melt adhesives.

The excellent thermal stability of Lotryl® copolymers allows the hot melt to remain stable for long residence times.


Their high polarity enhances adhesion on various substrates, plain or printed cardboard and plastic films (PE, PS, PET...) .


Butyl acrylate based Lotryl® copolymers exhibit very low glass transition temperature which result in a high flexibility at low temperature, offering more freedom to formulate hot melt adhesives, particularly in deep-freeze packaging.


Beside autoclave copolymers, SK Functional Polymer introduces new tubular Lotryl HMA copolymers which confer higher mechanical properties and higher melting point. Their improved thermal resistance have been highlighted in various hot melt applications, such as packaging, book-binding and wood-working.


Lotryl® and Lotryl® HMA copolymers are compatible with polyethylene.



Recommended Lotryl® grades:  
28BA175 35BA40 HMA
35BA320 35BA40T HMA-LV


Grades are chosen upon the targeted properties