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Modification of engineering plastics

Thanks to their excellent thermal stability and high flexibility, Lotryl® resins can be used as impact modifiers for engineering plastics.

Engineering plastics (for example polyesters and polyamides) have good mechanical and thermal properties but their main weakness is their poor impact resistance, especially in presence of notch.

A well established solution consists in homogeneously dispersing small particles of an elastomeric polymer such as Lotryl® resins (low Tg) into the rigid matrix to inhibit its brittle behaviour.

Combinations of Lotryl® and Lotader® resins are often used to adjust impact properties and rheology.


Advantages offered by Lotryl® copolymers:


  • High impact resistance thanks to low Tg (below -30°C)
  • Lotryl® copolymers are flexible copolymers to absorb energy and avoid craze propagation
  • Excellent thermal stability which makes it compatible with the usual processing temperatures of polyesters and polyamides (> 250°C)
  • Lotryl® copolymers have excellent weatherability, thanks to their chemistry based on ethylene and acrylate monomer
  • Lotryl® copolymers offer a wide range of melt index to match the customers requirements


Recommended Lotryl® grades:  

24MA02 or 24MA02T

29MA03 or 29MA03T 35BA40 or 35BA40T
24MA005 30BA02 28BA175


Polymer matrix  High fluiditySuper-toughness (+23°C)Multipurpose toughness



PBT, PBT alloys

5 – 10 %
Lotader®  AX8900 + Lotryl® 35BA40

20 – 25 %
Lotader® AX8900 +

Lotryl®  24MA02T
/ 29MA03T

5 – 15 %
Lotader® AX8900 +

Lotryl® 30BA02 or24MA02T


polyesters PET

5 – 10 %
Lotader® AX8900 + Lotryl® 35BA40

20 – 25 %
Lotader®  AX8900 +

Lotryl®  24MA02T
/ 29MA03T

5 – 15 %
Lotader®  AX8900 +

Lotryl® 30BA02 or24MA02T
/ 29MA03T


- -

 5 - 15 %

Lotryl®  29MA03T

PET straps - -  2 - 10 %
Lotryl® 29MA03T