Lotryl® is easy to process by coextrusion coating, cast film coextrusion, blown film coextrusion or sheet coextrusion, to produce multilayer structures.

For instance, they can be used as lids or protective films.

Heat seal layers for peelable applications

Used as top layer of such laminates, Lotryl® provides the functions of heat sealability onto various substrates and easy opening by interfacial peeling. The composition and chemical structure of Lotryl® give optimum compatibility with PP, PS, PET and PVC, which leads to well balanced properties combining strength of sealing and ease of peeling.


Lotryl can be used in combination with a range of masterbatches to enhance slip and antiblock properties, available on request.


Typical examples of constructions are:

 Aluminium foil / EAA or Lotader® / Lotryl®

 (Coextrusion coating)

 OPET / Lotader® / LDPE / Lotryl®

 (Coextrusion coating)

 OPET / PU Adh. / LDPE / Lotryl®

 (Blown film + adhesive lamination)

 Paper / Lotader® / PA6 / Lotader® / Lotryl®

 (Coextrusion coating)

 Paper / Lotader® / OPET / Lotader® / Lotryl®

 (Extrusion lamination + Coex. coating)

 PA / Orevac® / PP / Orevac® / Lotryl®

 (Cast film coextrusion)

 PET / Orevac® / Lotryl® 

 (Sheet coextrusion)


Recommended Lotryl® grades:  
20MA08 24MA02
28MA07 29MA03
Bestpeel 2407 Bestpeel 2012
Bestpeel 2008 (new)