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HFFR (Halogen Free Flame Retardant)

HFFR formulations are based on ethylene copolymers blends, Lotryl® or Evatane®, with polyethylene and high mineral fillers loading, ATH or MDH, to optimize flame retardancy, mechanical properties and cost.

Also called:
Low smoke non halogen (LSNH)
Low smoke 0-halogen (LS0H, LSZH)
Eco-product (In Japan) 

Lotryl® resins in HFFR compounds allow:

  • Easy processing with high filler content (up to 65%) on major compounding equipments (internal mixers, double screws, Co-kneader).
  • A wider processing and service range when compounded with MDH
  • Superior fire retardancy: higher LOI (Limited Oxygen Index) than PE, low smoke emission.
  • Good aging properties, good flexibility and chemical resistance.
  • Easy cross-linking with peroxides, silane, e-beam, to withstand high temperature (automotive T3 cables).


High fluidity Lotryl 35BA320 allows compound viscosity adjustment.


Recommended Lotryl® grades:  
30BA02 24MA005
29MA03 35BA320