Applicative Benefits

Lotryl®'s processability, temperature resistance and stability make it ideal for numerous applications.


Lotryl® T is a compatibilizer of choice for PC/ABS alloys and fillers in polyolefins or engineering plastics.

Modification of polymer

Lotryl® resins have been successfully used in plastic industry because of their processability and compatibility with other polymers such as PE, PS, PP and OPP.


These qualities make them suitable for many applications such as cable manufacturing, masterbaches, compounds and thermoplastics modifier and multilayer film for packaging.


Due to their autoclave reactor production, they offer high melt strength and low necking.


Thanks to their high filler acceptance, Lotryl® accepts high additive concentration compounds.


Lotryl® also has good mechanical properties and flexibility, a large resistance to fatigue and crazing.

Heat resistance and stability

Lotryl® is mainly used as hot melt formulation for deep freeze applications:


Lotryl BA (butyl acrylate) has excellent thermal stability and allow the hot melt to remain for long residence times in the melt tank without viscosity variation.


Thanks to high melt index:


Lotryl® offers excellent throughput with high level of filler, for example, with HFFR applications.


Due to its excellent thermal stability, Lotryl® allows higher processing temperature that increase production.

Low T° resistance

Due to superior flexibility at low temperature, Lotryl® BA offers more freedom to formulate hot melt adhesives, particularly in frozen packaging.