1.5 Mile Evacuation Zone Lifted for Area Surrounding Arkema Crosby Facility

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The Arkema site in Crosby, Texas has been shut-down since Friday 25 August. The site anticipated the storm, and safely shut down all operations before hurricane landfall. The facility has had extraordinary levels of rain, receiving approximately 40 inches by Monday 28 August afternoon. The site has been heavily flooded and without electric service. Local officials had established an evacuation zone in an area 1.5 miles from our plant.

The actions taken on Sunday September 3 on the Crosby site made it possible to neutralize the remaining trailer tanks containing the organic peroxides that could no longer be stored safely after hurricane Harvey had made landfall in Texas.


The Crosby Fire Department and unified command has determined it is safe for residents to return to their homes. The 1.5 mile evacuation zone around the Arkema Inc. facility has been lifted and is no longer in effect.


Arkema thanks the unified command for their hard work and professionalism to ensure the safety of all during the post-Hurricane Harvey period.


The perimeter of the Arkema Crosby site is secured. Arkema will continue to work with its neighbors and the community to recover from the substantial impact of Hurricane Harvey. Our thoughts go to those people who have been affected by this unprecedented disaster in the region.


For further information on these efforts, please contact the incident helpline at 1-877-4ARKEMA.


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Véronique OBRECHT
Corporate Press relations
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