1M DMT Hydrogen Peroxide production celebration

- Short news
Grand celebration held at ASHP to honor the milestone event of 1M DMT Hydrogen Peroxide production.

ASHP was founded in 1996. On Dec. 10th, a grand celebration was held at ASHP to honor the milestone event of IM DMT H2O2 production.  The celebration started with a Chinese drum show.


Kevin SUN, General Manager of Hydrogen Peroxide Asia, delivered the opening speech which expressed sincere thanks and congratulations to industrious ASHP workers who had made great contribution.


Huizhong ZHU, Board Chairman of ASHP, expressed satisfaction about endeavor of entire ASHP staff.

Xavier DYRAND-DELACER, Senior Vice-President, Asia Pacific, delivered his congratulations in Chinese. Manny KATZ, Global President of Hydrogen Peroxides, who came to Shanghai for this milestone event, praised ASHP staff’s solidarity and cooperation. Manny stressed that, Arkema will keep close cooperation with Huayi.

This celebration encompassed presentation about ASHP prosperous history, a Chinese lion dancing which symbolized ASHP thrifty future and a light on ceremony. 


We were delighted to share with everyone the prosperous of Hydrogen Peroxide via this celebration.