Altuglas®: Discover the range of Altuglas® acrylic blocks

- Press release
Altuglas International has recently launched on the market,  Altuglas® Elit III  offering  the best and more flexible solution for the edge lighting applications.

Altuglas® Elit III (reference 143 10020) offers;


- An exceptional illumination through the whole sheet surface,


- An optimal quality finish whatever the size of the sheet,


- A large range of thicknesses and sizes,


- An unbeatable offer regarding minimum order.


- A 70% cost saving in energy,


- A significant reduction of the weight and the volume of the displays.



Altuglas® Elit III could be used in different type of environments, as urban hoarding, poster frames, interior design, signage.


Altuglas® Elit is an Altuglas International patented technology already very well known by the profession.


You can now really  discover the lighting intensity


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