Altuglas International will present "Altuglas® PMMA in lighting applications" during the "Plastics Materials and Lighting Workshop" in Milan

- Press release
Andrea Anghileri, Altuglas® resins Development technician in Arkema's Rho plant, will present during this Workshop the special Altuglas® grades developped in lighting applications for new effects for new requirements.

-Standard Altuglas® PMMA V-grades and HIPMMA -Grades in standard applications (blow moulded globes, street lamps, ...)

New Altuglas® PMMA grade with UV resistance = V825 HID for Halide lamps

New Altuglas® PMMA grade with high service temperature = HT121

New Altuglas® PMMA and HIPMMA grades with maximum. light transmittance / maximum diffusion / textured surface = Frosted grades

Altuglas® resins provide many applications in different fields ; PMMA and HIPMMA offer a wide range of properties, suitable for lighting : excellent optical properties and clarity, excellent weathering resistance, good mechanical and thermal properties, a wide range of colours, surface effects, processability.....

The workshop is organized by IMQ technicians (Istituto Italiano Marchio Qualita) on photometric techniques, European directives (ATEX, RoHS, REEE...), as IMQ purpose is to assure Quality and Safety in electric equipments.

Assil, Assoluce, TMP, Atex and Lati will present as well their results and researches

Location :

Via Quintilliano, 43 Milano

from 9.45 a.m to 1 p.m


420, rue d'Estienne d'Orves - F - 92705 Colombes