Altuglas® Signature Range, the magnificent alliance of acrylic glass and fabric

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Altuglas® Signature is the result of the research of Altuglas International. The implementation of a unique process facilitated the development of this luxury line of acrylic sheet:an original collection of 7 fine-thread, lace or non-woven materials, included in the acrylic sheet

Altuglas® Signature is the result of the research of Altuglas International

fr=garde corps escalier altuglas signature gold grid | en= altuglas signature gold grid stairs railingThis new Altuglas® Signature sheet is the top choice design material for architects and designers in the creation of boutiques, point of sale advertising, interior design, or in the construction of all types of buildings.

With LEDs along the edges, Altuglas® Signature has amazing optical effects.  Depending on the power and illumination angle, a close mesh will make the sheet opaque while non-woven material unveils its 3D effect.

It is also possible to customize Altuglas® Signature by putting in an order for a fabric. This allows clients to create a unique design based on technical compatibility.



  • Altuglas® Signature has the traditional features of acrylic glass in addition to the high-tech properties of textiles.  Twice as light and transparent as glass, this sheet has no distortion effects, while offering exceptional light transmission.
  • Altuglas® Signature meets all the requirements of the necessary material tests in the fields of architecture and design, such as the sand bag or impact and heat resistance. 
  • Altuglas® Signature is thermoformable (as far as material goes) and does not bleach. It can also be tinted, smoothed, pierced, screwed, or sawed.  This product works like wood, without the constraints of fiber.   
  • Altuglas® Signature is resistant to chemical products thanks to the Altuglas "Essential" process and to UV rays through its special formula.


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