Altuglas® acrylic sheets and resins to enhance your products!

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On Valentine's Day, at Altuglas International, we all say in heart; "Yes to the Love of beauty, glam, elegance, beautiful materials such as Altuglas® acrylic glass!”

Who has never been attracted by a pretty presentation of products in a shop or by a cosmetic packaging? Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to present your products on a display or in a case made of Altuglas® PMMA sheets or resins.

Only a few materials such as PMMA allow such a combination of advantages: offering both technical and aesthetic qualities to the delight of designers. Altuglas® acrylic glass makes it possible to create distinctive displays or bottle shapes, with magical colours, unexpected textures or dazzling transparencies and plays of light. Naturally resistant to UV and scratches, PMMA Altuglas® can also be compatible with food contact. This beautiful material is undoubtedly your privileged partner to showcase all your products in a sustainable way.


Altuglas® acrylic glass can easily be combined with other plastics as well as wood, metal or stone. It is easy to thermoform and polish it, it can be cut or drilled with a laser, printed with ink, laser or silkscreen… so many possibilities of innovation for a sublime enhancement of your products!

They will love your products! A beautiful promise for Valentine's Day!