Altuglas® resins participate actively in water purification thanks to solar disinfection

- Press release
Key parts of Wadi™ are made out of Altuglas® HFI 10

Helioz, a start- up company based in Austria recently developed Wadi™, a revolutionary measuring device which is able to detect the disinfection rate of Solar Water disinfection (UV-rays of the sun) treating the water.


After 2 years of research, the device is now available in mass production and mainly dedicated to sunny developing countries where populations, especially children, suffer from water based diseases like cholera.

boîtier Wadi ǀ en=Wadi box

This innovative device allows anyone to view in a very economical and ecological way the process of solar disinfection of water inside PET bottles.


Once the water is fully drinkable a smiley appears on the Wadi™ display indicating that UV rays have turned contaminated water, into drinking water.

Key parts of WADI™ are made out of Altuglas® HFI 10 which perfectly meet the challenging technical requirements of the device: UV resistance, impact resistance and food contact approval.

Indeed, both the top and the bottom covers are made with Altuglas® HFI 10 grey mass colored, produced in Arkema plant based in Rho (Italy)

Wadi™ is unique and the first of its kind. It is a cheap, reliable device, convenient and environmentally friendly (no chlorine nor chemicals), has a long lifetime and just need the sun power to work.

Altuglas® HFI 10 played a key role in making this system workable and Bigler AG, Altuglas® distributor, perfectly chose the right material for the application along with a top class technical support.


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