Altuglas® revolutionizes the visual appearance of acrylic sheets with unusual decorations

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Altuglas® Metallic & Iridescent range, the latest Altuglas International's development opening new horizons for acrylic sheets.
Altuglas® Metallic collection

Altuglas International, a subsidiary of Arkema, is launching a new range of acrylic sheets; Altuglas® Metallic & Iridescent specially developed for P.O.P, displays, shop fitting, interior architecture and furniture. Retaining all the traditional properties of acrylic glass, this latest innovation of high technical expertise adds a range of hues and unique appearances: metallic, sparkling or iridescent.


These new Altuglas® sheets offer an original appearance where the impression and density of the effect vary according to the angle of view for a spectacular result.

Altuglas® Metallic is distinguished by the originality of its surfaces linked to the different metallic pigments. Depending on the composition and orientation, the visual impression is varied and enduring. It invigorates the creativity of our clients, decorators, and designers.

Several finishes are possible, from dual-colour with a black or white opaque base, to single - color or colorless - that bring depth to the sheets.


Altuglas® Iridescent is an opal product with different reflections of colors and varying intensity depending on the viewing angle, ranging from opal to gold, green, violet, purple or red. The iridescent effect created by the specific nature of the components is amazing.

To meet the needs of its customers, Altuglas® International offers the possibility to create other colors on request for the whole of this new range. Some colors in the range have a satin finish, and the Essential option is also available.


Altuglas® Metallic is available in 13 glossy colors and Altuglas® Iridescent
in 3 colors, between 3mm and 6mm in our standard format (2030x3050mm).

Thanks to its creativity, Altuglas® offers a wild range of options and effects. Tattoo, sparkling, shiny, or even grids, meshes, and lacework... Discovers all our other references of specialty cast sheets: 

Furniture, household appliance, toys, signs or museum cagings… Discover more Altuglas® solutions:


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