Arkema Inc. Commercializes New High Viscosity Kynar Flex® 3030-50 PVDF Resin

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Kynar Flex® 3030-50 PVDF resin is a highly flexible, high viscosity resin designed for extrusion processing. This new resin is suited for many applications including wire and cable, fuel lines and industrial hoses.

Kynar Flex® 3030 PVDF is a tough, highly flexible polymer suitable for applications requiring low temperature impact resistance as well as high temperature performance. Kynar Flex® 3030-10 resin, the low viscosity version of this material, has been used extensively in high-speed wire and cable extrusion, tube extrusion and injection molding applications. With a higher molecular weight, the new Kynar Flex® 3030-50 resin opens up new markets and applications for the Kynar® PVDF family.


Kynar Flex® 3030-50 resin maintains the same properties as other Kynar® PVDF resins including high flexibility, good smoke and flame resistance, UV stability and excellent chemical resistance. While its low viscosity counterparts offer low temperature cold bend performance down to -40°C, Kynar Flex® 3030-50 PVDF maintains this cold bend performance at an even lower temperature of -60°C. Cold temperature impact performance is also improved in the Kynar Flex® 3030-50 resin. Additionally, the higher molecular weight of the material allows for more efficient cross-linking, which can raise the continuous use temperature from 150°C up to 175°C. Applications for Kynar Flex® 3030-50 PVDF include cross-linked automotive cable, downhole cable, automotive fuel lines and industrial hoses.


“The addition of a high viscosity version of the Kynar Flex® 3030 resin to our portfolio of high performance polymers demonstrates Arkema’s dedication to innovation and responsiveness to evolving customer needs,” says David Kreh, Global Wire and Cables Market Manager at Arkema.


Kynar Flex® 3030-50 PVDF is complementary to the lower viscosity Kynar Flex® 3030-10 and Kynar Flex® 3030-15 resin grades.

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