Arkema Inc. soil fumigant blend single label approved by U.S. EPA

- Press release
Arkema is excited to announce the first U.S. EPA approved label for a soil fumigant blend containing Paladin® soil fumigant. Users of Paladin® PIC-21 no longer need to reference two labels to determine the appropriate action to comply with both labels. The simplicity of one label for the blend of Paladin® and chloropicrin will provide clearly stated restrictions on things such as personal protective equipment, buffer zones, worker exposure issues, and stop work triggers.

“Arkema has worked five years on the development of the Paladin® PIC-21 fumigant blend, which has consistently demonstrated equal to better yields as compared to methyl bromide,” said Cathy Fleming-Wimer, market development agronomist for Paladin®. “A system using Paladin® PIC-21 with a topical herbicide has shown to be a methyl bromide replacement, controlling weeds, pathogens, and nematodes in fruit, vegetable, and nursery crop production.”


This new label will provide advantages to both distributors and growers. Distributors can now store inventory of the Paladin® PIC-21 fumigant blend. Growers now need to keep only one label on file with their fumigant management plan instead of two labels.


State labels are in the approval process and are expected to be available shortly.


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Paladin is a registered trademark of Arkema.


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