Arkema Inc. upgrades Forane® refrigerant mobile P/T app for iPhone® and Android® devices

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The upgraded Forane® Refrigerant Pressure and Temperature Calculator App is designed to help HVACR technicians save time and energy in the field, updated with a new user interface and design, among other improvements.

The Forane® refrigerant P/T app is an essential aid for on-the-go refrigeration and AC professionals working in the field.  The Forane® P/T app enables users to input pressure or temperature readings easily, receiving all corresponding values immediately.  The P/T app also provides quick calculation for subcooling and superheat values as well as helpful descriptions and chemical properties of available Forane®-brand and generic refrigerants.


The latest app is updated for iOS8 (iPhone®) and Kit Kat (Android®), with additional Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian languages to support users in Europe and South America. Users can easily toggle between languages directly from the in-app menu.  The app now features cross-unit calculations between English and metric units for sea level, high altitude, degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius, as well as barg and psig.


“Arkema’s Forane® P/T app provides contractors and professionals with a simple and effective tool to quickly and easily access refrigerant information, pressure and temperature data, as well as a superheat and subcooling calculator,” said Kris Crosby, technical supply and solutions engineer for Arkema's Fluorochemicals business in North America. “The Forane® P/T app utilizes a clean, intuitive user interface that is simple to navigate, and data that is presented in an immediately recognizable format,” he noted.


Arkema is a leading manufacturer of HCFC and HFC Forane®-brand refrigerants and is an innovator of sustainable, next generation, low-GWP refrigerant products. Forane® refrigerants are commonly used in a variety of cooling and freezing applications, such as air conditioning, appliances, automotive, construction, food processing, industrial refrigeration, and supermarkets.


Download the Forane® Pressure/Temperature mobile app from the iTunes® store and Google Play™ or visit www.forane.com for more information.



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