Arkema Molecular Sieves appoints Megafarma, an Azelis company, as its molecular sieves distributor for CASE markets and pharmaceutical packaging in Mexico

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Arkema, a world leader in molecular sieves manufacturing, has appointed Megafarma, the Mexican affiliate of Azelis Americas, LLC as its exclusive distributor to handle sales of molecular sieves in the coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers (CASE) markets in Mexico, effective October 1, 2020. Megafarma will also represent Arkema molecular sieves in the pharmaceutical and food packaging industries.

Arkema will use Megafarma’s extensive network of CASE specialized technical sales representatives to more effectively market Arkema’s Siliporite® molecular sieves products to Megafarma’s CASE customers in its territory. Megafarma will exclusively promote the Siliporite® SA1720, NK30AP, NK10AP & G5XP range of Arkema molecular sieves in the Mexican CASE markets, as well as its Siliporite® static beads in the Mexican pharmaceutical and food packaging industries.

With decades of experience and a skilled technical sales team, Megafarma is well positioned to promote Arkema’s molecular sieves offerings in their territory. On April 1, 2020, Azelis started representing Arkema molecular sieves products in a large part of the United States CASE market, and this expansion into the fast growing Mexican market is a testament to Arkema’s trust in Azelis’ and Megafarma’s ability to grow its CASE business in the U.S. and Mexico.

“Azelis is excited about the opportunity to leverage its many years of CASE experience, our application labs and customer relationships to help grow the Arkema molecular sieves business in our marketplace,” said Dan Gruber, managing director for New Business Development at Azelis Americas CASE.

“When Azelis acquired Megafarma at the beginning of 2020, we realized there was an opportunity for us to grow our position in the Mexican CASE market, in synergy with what we already initiated with Azelis in the United States,” said Olivier Griperay, sales and business director of Arkema Molecular Sieves, Americas. “In addition, Megafarma’s undeniable leading position in the Mexican pharmaceutical industry will also help us bolster our presence in the local pharmaceutical and food packaging markets. Having Megafarma as our sales representatives in Mexico will provide added value to existing and future customers across their territory.”


A Megafarma technical service representative (TSR) will soon reach out to all customers. In the meantime, any questions should be directed to Lucia Zamudio, Megafarma Sales Director CASE Division at Tel.: +55-5293-8797 or email at lzamudio@megafarma.com.mx to inquire about Arkema’s Siliporite® molecular sieves products and to process orders.

For more information about the Azelis/Arkema collaboration, please contact Terry Mullin at tel: +1-203-883-1477 or email at terry.mullin@azelis.com and/or Olivier Griperay at tel: +1-610-205-7991 or email at olivier.griperay@arkema.com


About Arkema
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About Megafarma
Megafarma, based in Mexico City, with offices in Guadalajara and Monterrey, represents some of the world's most recognized raw material producers and serves a large number of customers in all regions of Mexico. Megafarma was founded in 1973 to meet the needs of a growing Mexican pharmaceutical market. The company grew gradually over the years and has become a widely recognized player in the pharmaceutical and food markets in Mexico, and since its acquisition by Azelis in early 2020 is poised to become a key player in the CASE markets as well.

About Azelis
Azelis is a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and food ingredients in over 40 countries across the globe with approximately 2,000 employees. Its knowledgeable teams of industry, market and technical experts are dedicated to a specific market within Life Sciences and Industrial Chemicals. It offers a lateral value chain of
complementary products to about 40,000 customers, creating a turnover of €2.15 billion (2019).

Throughout its extensive network of more than 60 application laboratories, Azelis’ award-winning technical staff helps customers develop formulations. It combines a global reach with a local focus to offer a reliable, integrated service to local customers and attractive business opportunities to principals. Azelis believes in building and nurturing solid, honest and transparent relationships with its people and partners. Impact through ideas. Innovation through formulation.


Siliporite is a registered trademark of Arkema.

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Terry Mullin (Azelis Americas) Tel.: 203 883 1477 Email: terry.mullin@azelis.com 
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Olivier Griperay (Arkema) Tel.: 610-205-7991 E-mail: olivier.griperay@arkema.com
Lucia Zamudio (Megafarma) Tel: (55) 5293 8797 Email: lzamudio@megafarma.com.mx 


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