Arkema, Slipmate, and Salco Products collaborate to launch Kynar® ADX PVDF powder coated rail car cover plates

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Collaboration launches Kynar® ADX PVDF powder coated rail car cover plates for use in extreme environments
Kynar ADX railcar cover plates

Arkema’s primerless Kynar® ADX PVDF powders will be used to coat large and complex objects on a new, efficient fluidized bed coating line that has been set up by Slipmate in Elgin, IL.  You can learn more about this technology at upcoming presentations at the Chlorine Institute Annual Conference March 13-16 and NACE Corrosion Conference March 26-30, both in New Orleans, LA.


“We are proud to work with such a dedicated team to add the capability to coat large objects with Kynar® ADX powder coatings for use in extreme environments,” said Adrien Lapeyre, Arkema’s global powder coating market manager. “Slipmate’s investment in the fluidized bed coating line enables us to target exciting new applications,” he noted.


Slipmate and Salco Products, have successfully supplied closure component plates coated in Kynar® PVDF to the tank car industry for the past five years.  These components are used on rail cars carrying very corrosive chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid (HCl).  These coverplates can be as large as 40” in diameter and weigh close to 500 lbs.  Salco Products’ plate design incorporating Kynar® PVDF and a patent-pending proprietary lining has established a product life that exceeds competitive offerings, with third party testing confirming life well beyond five years.    For over five decades, Kynar® fluoropolymers have been known globally for their excellent chemical resistance and durability. They have been specified by engineers across the globe in some of the world’s most challenging material environments.  Over the course of five-year in-field trials, Kynar® PVDF coated cover plates showed no signs of degradation or permeation of HCl. Given such impressive results, the commitment was made to scale up the operation and extend the use of Kynar® PVDF.   


“The development of a robotic fluidized bed coating process is a major step forward,” said Slipmate CEO Steve Matecki.  “These plates are quite large and very heavy. A robotic system provides us with an advantage to deal with this challenge and engineer a precisely controlled automated process with improved efficiency.”

Coating via the fluidized bed process is the best method for parts that are difficult to spray due to internal geometric constraints.  It also builds thickness more easily and consistently than spraying. 


“The new proprietary equipment and process is the result of a joint venture between Slipmate and Salco Products” said David Clugg, Vice President of Business Development, Customer Support and Marketing at Salco Products.


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