Arkema and 3DXTech bring FluorX™ filament, based on Arkema’s Kynar® PVDF, to Ultimaker’s Cura Marketplace

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Arkema has joined the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program, bringing a very high performance polymer to the program. The new PVDF-based filament is specifically designed for printing highly technical 3D parts that require extreme performance.

Ultimaker’s Marketplace allows users to easily install print profiles that ensure high-quality 3D print results. With this announcement, the FluorX™ filament print profile is available to users of Ultimaker’s Cura, a free, print preparation software.

Pièces 3D réalisées en filament FluorX à base de PDVF Kynar

Parts printed with Kynar® PVDF will exhibit excellent resistance to harsh chemicals, high temperatures, and UV exposure. The parts also will exhibit strong flammability performance, opening up new 3D printed applications in automotive, industrial, and aerospace markets, such as jigs, fixtures, and short-run manufacturing components.


3D Printing Solutions by Arkema is unlocking the next revolution in manufacturing.

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Kynar® is a registered trademark of Arkema Inc.

FluorX™ est une marque déposée de 3DXTech LLC


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