Arkema announces a new Platamid® hotmelt adhesive grade at Techtextil 2015

- Press release
Arkema will exhibit its Platamid® high performance copolyamide hotmelt adhesives at Techtextil, the only dedicated show for technical textiles and nonwovens covering all industries, held May 4 to 7, 2015 in Frankfurt (Germany). The Group will present its new soft hand Platamid® grade dedicated to the sportswear, apparel and undergarment market and to technical textiles.


Arkema’s new soft hand Platamid® grade offers an excellent compromise between the softness of TPU and the high level of adhesion, excellent washing resistance and easy processing of Platamid®. This new grade is suitable for very thin film, web and filament extrusion and its ease of processing allows fast production speed. With a washing resistance up to 60 °C and great stability over time, it provides a perfect solution for the sportswear, apparel and undergarment market and for technical textiles.

Platamid® hotmelt adhesives are the high performance, durable, and versatile answer to the most demanding bonding challenges in markets such as textile interlining, technical textiles, construction, electronics and automotive. Platamid® is available in powder or pellet form. The pellets can easily be converted into net, web, film or filament via solvent-free processing, and due to adequate crystallization speeds, a high productivity level can be achieved.

Arkema’s wide range of copolyamide hotmelt adhesives have been in production for more than 40 years and offer a wide melting temperature range from 85-180 °C and a wide range of viscosities. They are able to provide high specific adhesion to a large number of substrates including difficult materials such as leather, flexible PVC, polycarbonate, metal and epoxy. Platamid® can also provide long-term adhesion with high thermal, washing, dry cleaning and chemical resistance.

Platamid® combines several environmentally friendly properties such as reusability, recyclability and solvent-free processing, and has a very low VOC level. Additionally, some of our grades are partially biobased with a content of up to 80% renewable feedstock.


Arkema's sales and development teams will welcome visitors to booth n° C75 (Hall 3).


Sophie CHHUN
Platamid® business manager
Product press relations