Arkema announces a new regeneration program for high performance polymers

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In partnership with Agiplast, a pioneer in the manufacturing and regeneration of engineering plastic compounds, Arkema’s Technical Polymers business announces a new program to recycle high performance polyamides and PVDF fluoropolymers.

Arkema’s new Virtucycle™ recycling program represents a virtuous cycle that enables customers to partner with Arkema in open-loop and closed-loop initiatives for post-industrial and post-consumer recycling projects for its specialty polymers.

Logo du nouveau programme de recyclage des polymères haute performance Virtucycle

The program is completely aligned with the group’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Arkema is a global leader in bio-based and long service-life specialty polymers.

In partnership with the worldwide leader in regenerating and compounding partner Agiplast, Arkema works with its customers to create a network of partners on both sides of the supply and demand chain, often from widely different end-use applications.



Véronique OBRECHT
Corporate Press relations