Arkema announces a price increase on its Orevac® range

- Short news
Availability of polyolefins has been very tight in Europe for several months, causing some shortages and significant cost increases. Arkema will continue to do its best to limit the impact of this situation on Orevac® availability. Due to this exceptional situation, a new price increase will be implemented on its whole Orevac® range (Grafted polyolefins) to recover for all raw materials increases implemented since the beginning of 2015.

The actual price increase will be announced before the end of May. It will be effective on June 1st, 2015 or as contracts allow. It will be implemented for all Orevac® Grafted Polyolefins grades and modes of deliveries. This increase will be in addition to the ones previously announced and agreed.     


Marketed under the trademark Orevac®, Arkema's Grafted Polyolefins are used in diverse industrial applications, including multilayer barrier packaging film, technical polymer modification, electronics and pipe coating.


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