Arkema at Hong Kong Optical Fair 2013 with two new Rilsan® Clear polyamides grades

- Press release
Arkema has always been involved to propose innovative bio-based polyamides for highly demanding markets. Continuing the successful story of Rilsan® Clear G830 Rnew, the first bio-based transparent polyamide, Arkema will present at the Optical fair (booth at 1C-G06) from November 6th to 8th two new grades - Rilsan® Clear G850 Rnew and Rilsan® Clear G120 Rnew - for specific customer needs.

Rilsan® Clear G850 Rnew has been especially designed for injection molding application (i.e.: optical and electronic), to give maximum freedom to designers. It has higher temperature resistance compared with G830 Rnew, which allows broader decoration techniques use. At the same time, its high fluidity offers perfect solution for thin-wall injected parts and is therefore ideally suitable for eyeglass frames.


Rilsan® Clear G850 Rnew owns a broad spectrum of performance properties and benefits for eyeglass frames:

- Excellent flexibility and fatigue resistance

- Outstanding optical properties and transparency

- Good UV and chemical resistance

- Light weight

- Outstanding processing properties


Rilsan® Clear G120 Rnew, besides the optical and processing properties of the range, has an outstanding chemical resistance, especially with alcohols. Thus, this grade can adapt to thin walled geometries and applications in difficult industrial environments.


All Rilsan® Clear grades are BPA free, allowing for a huge number of applications where health is a concern. As Rilsan® Clear Rnew grades are partially based on renewable resources, they contribute to reduce CO2 emissions.


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Product press relations
Gillian Shen
China Communication officer