Arkema introduces PLASTISTRENGTH® 562 NA Process Aid for Rigid and Semi-Rigid PVC

- Press release
Arkema recently introduced a new product, PLASTISTRENGTH® 562 NA process aid, designed to help PVC converters achieve an optimized balance between processing performance and formulation cost. This new product offers consistent PVC fusion and filler incorporation, improved melt strength and reliable processing in both rigid and semi-rigid extruded or calendered PVC products.

“We developed this product to help our customers achieve processing improvements and cost efficiencies without affecting performance of the final product,” Kevin Yocca, New Business Development Manager Plastics Additives with Arkema, explained. “We are continually working with our customers to identify new applications or markets where this product can make a difference and we can provide new tools so formulators can push traditional boundaries of PVC application performance.”

Plastistrength® 562 NA process aid is a high molecular weight acrylic process aid providing high melt strength combined with optimized PVC fusion promotion. It has been especially designed to improve filler dispersion in rigid

and semi-rigid PVC applications.


It is currently used to provide processing consistency, fusion promotion and cost efficiency in luxury vinyl tile backlayers, highly filled PVC and rigid PVC applications such as vinyl siding and fence and substrates, and PVC conduit and pipe. Additionally, it offers enhanced melt strength and improved fusion promotion in semi-rigid PVC formulations used in applications such as printable vinyl sheets, roofing and calendered vinyl films.


To learn more, visit online at www.coatingresins-arkema.com.

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PLASTISTRENGTH® is a registered trademark of Arkema Inc.