Arkema invests in ERPRO 3D FACTORY, a specialist in large-series additive manufacturing

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ERPRO 3D FACTORY (E3DF) is a French company founded in 2017 that specializes in large-series additive manufacturing. Since its creation, E3DF has already produced more than 19 million parts, most of which have been made with 100% bio-based Polyamide 11 powder. Arkema will acquire a 10% stake in E3DF to gain new expertise and accelerate the development of new applications for its high-performance polymers.

Arkema set up a close partnership with E3DF in 2018, in order to develop numerous projects in cosmetics, medical, automotive and eyewear applications using its unique range of bio-based and recyclable specialty polyamides, and its N3xtDimension® advanced liquid UV-curable resins, perfectly suited to the fast-growing and demanding 3D printing market.


With this investment of 10% in E3DF, Arkema will become a member of the strategic committee of the company and thus reinforce its existing partnership. The combination of Arkema, designer of innovative solutions, and E3DF, a specialist in large-series additive manufacturing, will accelerate the development of new high-value added applications in 3D printing.


This transaction is perfectly in line with Arkema’s strategy to develop its Specialty Materials in applications that address major sustainable development challenges.


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