Arkema is launching a new hydrogen peroxide range for aseptic packaging spray technologies

- Press release
Arkema discloses its new grade of Hydrogen Peroxide for spray Aseptic packaging systems: Valsterane® S-HP (Spray High-Performance). This grade is available in two different concentrations, 25% and 35% of hydrogen peroxide in order to suit specific machine requirements.

Arkema is a worldwide leading producer of hydrogen peroxide, with plants in Asia, Europe and North America. With a longstanding presence in the market as a specialty hydrogen peroxide solution, commercialized under the brand Valsterane®, the product range is constantly improving in a continually changing regulatory environment. This expertise, together with a strong chemical and market knowledge, makes our range of hydrogen peroxide Valsterane® the ideal choice to meet the requirements of the food packaging industry for faster, safer and easier solutions.

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The Valsterane® S-HP grade shows the highest purity available on the market (dry residue < 5 ppm) and suits the growing demand for always increasing production speed rate. It reduces clogging of the spraying unit and it is designed to ease the machine maintenance: deposits build-up remain limited thanks to the very low dry residue level of the Valsterane® S-HP grade and they can be easily removed. This last grade in our product range is the ultimate quality of hydrogen peroxide that enables longer production cycle runs and decreases maintenance downtimes for your spray aseptic packaging processes.

The Valsterane® S-HP formulation meets the highest standard of safety. The stabilization package meets the requirements of aseptic packaging equipment producers and the purity standard of the Food Chemicals Codex. It can be stored at least one year in its original packaging.

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Arkema offers a full range of logistic solutions including bulk, jerrycans, drums and IBCs. The Valsterane® S-HP grade is approved and qualified by leading OEMs and machine suppliers.



Vincent MOINE
Business Development Manager