Arkema launches Kepstan®, a new range of PEKK ultra high performance polymers

- Press release
Arkema announces a comprehensive range of PEKK (Poly Ether Ketone Ketone) ultra high performance polymers comprised of three families of products whose properties meet the requirements of aerospace, oil exploration and electronics applications. These new materials significantly expand Arkema’s High Performance Materials offerings to high added value markets.

PEKK is a polymer for the extremes; in terms of mechanical resistance, it compares favourably with metals like aluminium. The Kepstan® range, developed by researchers at CERDATO, Arkema’s technical polymers research center, complements the Group’s other advanced materials including Kynar® fluoropolymers, Altuglas® PMMA, Rilsan® and Rilsamid® polyamides, Pebax® thermoplastic elastomers, as well as Nanostrength® and Graphistrength® nanostructured materials.


The new Kepstan® range stands out from competitive materials; its copolymer structure can be adapted to the requirements of the end-application. Based on the requirements therefore, the main properties in one application might be very high compressive strength, and in another, extreme resistance to aggressive environments, or excellent adhesion to fibers (composites) or to metal (powder coatings).


The Kepstan® range comprises three families of products:

- Kepstan® 6000: low melting point and amorphous grades aptly suited to extrusion and thermoforming, as well as laser sintering and powder coating on metal.

- Kepstan® 7000: optimized grades for the manufacture of thermoplastic carbon fiber composites, like unidirectional tapes and coated fabrics used in aerospace.

- Kepstan® 8000: grades featuring top thermo-mechanical and chemical resistance properties, for the extrusion or injection moulding of components used in ultra deep well oil exploration.


Thanks to its remarkable thermal and mechanical properties, Kepstan® is already well positioned for major civil and military aerospace projects. These sectors are constantly seeking lighter and stronger materials, and our products offer a perfect fit these demanding specifications”, stated Richard Audry, in charge of PEKK development at Arkema.

The Kepstan® range is manufactured in France on a dedicated line using a process developed in Arkema’s Research Centers. It is marketed around the world in particular by technical teams from Europe, the United States and Japan.


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Véronique OBRECHT
External communication for plants and subsidiaries
US Senior communications manager