Arkema launches Lotader® AX8820, reactive impact modifier for polyphenylene sulphides (PPS)

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Lotader® AX8820 copolymer has been designed to complete Arkema’s range of impact modifiers, especially for high fluidity PPS enabling easier injection molding.

fr=pieces moteur voiture en pps|en=underhood automotive pps partsPPS compounds are high temperature resistance and high stiffness thermoplastics mainly used in demanding applications, such as under-the-hood automotive, E&E and oil&gas.


While the combination of Lotader® and Lotryl® resins has been used successfully to adjust the viscosity of impact-modified PA and polyester compounds, an improved solution was needed for injection molding PPS grades. 


Thanks to its lower reactivity, the new Lotader® AX8820 copolymer is the ideal modifier when it comes to impact-modify polyphenylene sulphides while maintaining a fluidity compatible with injection molding. Lotader® AX8820 is a copolymer of ethylene and glycidyl methacrylate (GMA) and contains a medium level of epoxide reactive groups. Its GMA content has been optimized to achieve good impact modification of PPS, while maintaining a higher fluidity than with the existing grades of Lotader® AX modifiers. Its melt viscosity has been increased to better match the rheology of the PPS matrix.


Lotader® AX8820 copolymer completes Arkema’s range of reactive terpolymers, Lotader® AX8900 and Lotader® AX8840 resins, already used for the modification of PPS and thermoplastic polyesters (PET/PBT).



GMA content


Melt Flow Index

(g/10 min)

190 °C, 2.16 kg

Melting point



Lotader® AX8820

4 - 5

1.5 – 2.5

105 - 110

PPS for injection molding

Lotader® AX8840

6 - 8

4 - 6

104 - 108

PPS for extrusion

Lotader® AX8900

7 - 9

4 - 8

63 - 67

PPS for extrusion


Furthermore, Lotader® AX8820 is currently being tested for additional applications such as crosslinkable polyolefinic compounds, impact modifier of PBT as well as for bitumen modification. Lotader® AX8820 copolymer is now available commercially globally through Arkema’s local subsidiary and distribution network.


This new grade completes Arkema’s impact modifiers portfolio:

  • Lotader® 4700 and Lotader® 4720: general impact modification of polyamides
  • Lotader® AX8900: general impact modification of PET and PBT
  • Lotryl® 35BA40: high fluidity impact modified PBT
  • Lotader®/Lotryl®: impact modification of PA and PBT for injection molding
  • Orevac® IM300 for high fluidity impact modification of polyamides


Arkema’s range of Lotader® reactive terpolymers and Lotryl® acrylate copolymers offers a wide scope of solutions for the modification of main engineering plastics, including polyamides (PA6, PA6,6 and PA12), thermoplastics polyesters (PET and PBT), bioplastics (PLA) and polyphenylene sulphides (PPS). Lotader® AX8840 and Lotader® AX8900 have been used successfully for many years to provide impact resistance and higher flexibility to PPS compounds, mainly for extrusion applications where the high reactivity of Lotader® AX grades provides an inherently high viscosity to the compounds.


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