Arkema partners the European Inventor of the Year

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Physical and Chemist Ludwik Leibler was presented with the European Inventor of the Year Award in the “Research” category on Thursday 11 June 2015.

Ludwik Leibler

An Academician, Researcher at CNRS, and Associate Professor at ESPCI ParisTech, Ludwik Leibler has collaborated with Arkema for over twenty years. He is the inventor of a revolutionary material that can be reshaped at will, called vitrimer.

This new polymer type can be repaired and recycled under the action of heat. A revolution in the drive to reduce the volume of plastic waste.

Endless applications

This material opens up new possibilities to industries such as electronics, automotive, construction, aerospace, printing, etc. Vitrimers are as tough and lightweight as composite materials, and can also go from the liquid to the solid state and vice versa. With a same chemical behavior as inorganic glass.

Arkema is already working on applications for paints and floor coverings using this new technology.

A long-standing fruitful collaboration

The partnership between Ludwik Leibler and Arkema has already led to the development of many innovative materials and solutions in the nanostructuring of block copolymers, self-healing rubber, and grafted polyolefin polyamides.


Véronique OBRECHT
Corporate Press relations