Arkema presents its fine powders for “Laser Sintering” at the AMUG conference

- Press release
A world leader in high performance polymers, Arkema offers a diverse range of fine powders for the manufacture of prototypes and functional technical short runs using the laser sintering technology. From 14 to 18th of April in Jacksonville (Florida - USA), Arkema will showcase its powders offer at the AMUG 2013 (Additive Manufacturing Users Group) conference which promotes the uses and applications of additive manufacturing technologies.

High quality parts fulfilling surface finish or mechanical properties requirements thanks to fine powders for Laser Sintering


Laser sintering (LS) is an additive manufacturing technique that uses a laser beam to produce 3D parts by fusing together thermoplastic powders layer by layer. Arkema offers a comprehensive range of fine powders for this technology:

- Orgasol® Invent Smooth, a polyamide 12 powder imparting unrivaled touch requiring no post-treatment to parts produced by LS, and allowing an unmatched recyclability rate in this process.

- Rilsan® Invent Natural, a polyamide 11 fine powder, 100% sourced from a renewable raw material, specially developed for the LS process, and suitable for use on all types of LS machines. Rilsan® Invent Natural ensures excellent resolution in the detail of the parts, combined with straightforward machine processing, and excellent mechanical properties.

- Rilsan® Invent Black, a polyamide 11 powder featuring the same properties as Rilsan® Invent Natural, used to produce intense black parts.


The qualities of these powders make it a most suitable solution for functional prototype manufacture, as well as limited-run (rapid) manufacturing.


Arkema, through its Sartomer subsidiary serves also the 3D printing – UV curing (process which consists in printing and instantly drying successive layers of acrylic resins) with specialty formulations made from UV-curing acrylate resins.



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