Arkema receives SPE’s GPEC Environmental Award for sustainability leadership with Biostrength® impact modifiers

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Arkema has received the Chairman’s Award from the Plastics Environmental Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers. Arkema has been recognized for environmental leadership and excellence for the development of its Biostrength® impact modifiers, which improve a broad range of properties in polylactic acid (PLA), which is derived from renewable resources such as corn starch, tapioca roots, and sugarcane.

The Global Plastics Environmental Conference (GPEC) 2014 Environmental Stewardship Award is presented annually to corporations or institutions that clearly demonstrate their commitment to our environment and leadership in sustainability and recycling. The award will be presented at the GPEC 2014 conference March, 14, 2014, in Orlando, Florida. The award reflects the GPEC’s Orlando theme “It’s a Green World After All!”


Arkema’s Biostrength® line of impact modifiers and process aids provides innovative solutions for biopolymers, such as polylactic acid (PLA) and its blends.  PLA is known to be brittle and has a low melt strength that translates to difficulties in processing.  


Biostrength® impact modifiers are core shell impact modifiers designed to increase the impact toughness of PLA by as much as several orders of magnitude, enabling PLA markets to expand in packaging applications and to even more demanding durable applications, such as automotive parts, business machines, and appliances. 


Biostrength® melt strength enhancers enable PLA to compete with petroleum-based products.  These additives are capable of increasing the melt strength as much as 100% over traditional PLA.  Increased melt strength is commonly required in the thermoforming and blow molding industries and is now being studied to introduce PLA into the textile industry through the production of synthetic PLA fibers.  These tasks would be difficult  without the use of a Biostrength® patented melt strength enhancer. 


Arkema is honored to be recognized for the Chairman’s Award and will continue to provide the world with innovative sustainable solutions, proving that ‘innovative chemistry’ is more than just a tagline,” said Manny Katz, Global Group President of Arkema’s Functional Additives business.  

Biostrength® impact modifiers will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of the biopolymer industry by enabling PLA to tap into new markets,” said Katz. “Growth of these new markets will give consumers a sustainable choice in polymers, thus significantly reducing the carbon footprint”, he noted.  “If projected PLA volumes are realized in 2020, the release into the environment of several billon kg of CO2 equivalent will be avoided.  Arkema’s Biostrength® impact modifiers are dedicated to helping this become a reality.” 


For more information, please visit Arkema as its booth (#409) at the GPEC 2014 conference March 12-14.



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