Arkema, the gas odorant expert, participates in the World Gas Conference in June in Paris

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With expertise in sulfur chemistry spanning over 50 years, Arkema is the world’s n° 1 for gas odorants, and offers the largest product range for the odorization of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The Group will take part in the World Gas Conference held in Paris from 1st to 5th June to showcase its portfolio of odorant products and its unique Odorflex® service package for distributors and end-customers.

fr=gaz en combustion|en=combustion gas Methane, Butane and Propane are naturally odorless. Odorants have to be added to the gas so that potential leaks can be detected.

Thanks to Arkema’s sulfur-based odorants, gas companies are able to transport and distribute this energy source safely to industrial and residential end-users.

These products are THT (TetraHydroThiophene), Spotleak®, EthylMercaptan and Vigileak®.

Sustained leadership thanks to innovation capacity

Arkema has developed a unique expertise in gas odorization, with its dedicated R&D laboratory near its Lacq plant (France) which employs a dedicated team of people trained to measure odor intensity. This research yielded two innovative gas odorants, launched recently: Spotleak® Z for natural gas and Vigileak® Z for LPG, to meet the low sulfur requirements of specific applications.

A global reach and technical support to make a difference

Arkema has established a worldwide network of partners to operate closely to its customers and offers them Odorflex® specific services. With this global business coverage, two plants in Europe (Lacq in France and Rotterdam in the Netherlands), one plant in America (Beaumont in Texas) and one R&D center dedicated to odorization near its Lacq plant, Arkema’s gas odorant business stands out in the industry by providing its partners and customers with superior regional services: training in the most effective gas odorization methods as well as technical support.

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