Arkema to present new crosslinking peroxides and coagents at Elastomer Conference in October

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Arkema is pleased to present its theme for the 2015 International Elastomer Conference in Cleveland, OH. The theme “The Past, Present, and Future of Crosslinking Peroxides and Coagents” calls on the industry worldwide to experience the value of local manufacturing and technical support. These are key offers from Arkema’s Luperox® crosslinking peroxides group and Sartomer specialty chemicals group.

Arkema’s long history of success with Vul-Cup®, Di-Cup®, and Luperox® crosslinking peroxides would not be possible without the drive to innovate. Consequently, Arkema is pleased to announce Vul-Cup® 40C-SP2 crosslinking peroxide, the latest innovation from the Vul-Cup® peroxide line of products.

Vul-Cup® 40C-SP2 crosslinking peroxide answers a need from the North American rubber and elastomers industry due to recent changes in the market for chlorinated polyethylene. Current conditions call for compounders to increase processing time and temperature.  Vul-Cup® 40C-SP2 peroxide offers Arkema’s novel scorch protection technology combined with Vul-Cup® peroxides.  Using Vul-Cup® 40C-SP2 peroxide allows higher processing temperature, which cuts processing time while reducing loss due to scorch.

Sartomer’s Saret® scorch retarded coagents and the new dual-functional coagent SR523 join the TAC/TAIC coagents as part of Arkema’s current and future offerings.  These products help to improve the heat-aging performance of peroxide-cured rubber and elastomers.  

Please join Arkema at the International Elastomer Conference, booth# 817, October 12-15, 2015 at the Cleveland, OH Convention Center.  More information is also available by calling 844-LUPEROX or 800-SARTOMER.

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Vul-Cup, Di-Cup, and Luperox are registered trademarks of Arkema Inc.
Saret is a registered trademark of Sartomer.


Jay Divyesh SHAH
Digital & Market Manager
US Senior communications manager