Arkema to present paper on new low-GWP blowing agent at CPI conference in September

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Arkema has developed a new liquid, low global warming potential blowing agent, Forane® 1233zd, that will be the subject of a technical paper and presentation at this year’s Center for the Polyurethane Industry (CPI) technical conference September 22-24, in Dallas, TX.

Forane® 1233zd blowing agent is designed for most polyurethane (PUR) applications, including residential appliance, commercial refrigeration, spray foam, construction panel and PIR board stock.

“Blowing agents are a vital component of rigid polyurethane foams, providing the outstanding thermal performance that’s needed for improving the energy efficiencies of appliances and residential and commercial buildings,” said Nancy Storoz, Arkema’s Global Business Manager for foams and R-134a. “Forane® 1233zd blowing agent was developed to meet these new environmental and performance challenges,” she noted.

Arkema’s technical paper on Forane® 1233zd blowing agent details its performance as a liquid under ambient conditions, where it outperforms HFCs and hydrocarbons in various applications.  This year’s paper focuses on the resin shelf stability and foam performance of a Forane® 1233zd appliance system utilizing an Arkema solution for shelf stability (patent pending).  In addition to showing improved shelf stability of the resin, the research paper includes the foam’s performance in areas of system flow, adhesion to metal, demold times, dimensional stability and initial k-factor.  


Visit the Forane® refrigerants website.

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