Arkema trades globally its new range of impact modifiers for polycarbonates

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Thanks to its experience in impact modifiers for thermoplastics, Arkema recently developed Clearstrength® E950, its new core-shell Methacrylate-Butadiene-Styrene (MBS) impact modifiers for engineering plastics, mainly polycarbonates (PC). Pre-launched at the end of 2013 at K2013, Clearstrength® E950 has been successfully used industrially by selected clients. Arkema today announces that this new MBS impact modifier for engineering plastics is now available commercially worldwide.

Clearstrength® E950 is a new high performance MBS core-shell impact modifier designed to strengthen modified PC such as glass-reinforced PC or PC/polyester blends. It is specially used for very low temperature applications as it can maintain good ductile impact properties at temperatures below -40°C. Clearstrength® E950 is based on a proprietary core-shell technology which affords superior impact performance consistency and stability under severe processing conditions. It is particularly suitable when ease of processing, thermal stability, excellent low temperature impact and good balance of physical properties are important.


« We are very satisfied with the results obtained with Clearstrength® E950 since its launch in 2013. It complements our existing range for engineering plastics and is particularly welcomed by our customers, in this period of repositioning of the global offer of MBS impact modifiers  » comments Jean Saint-Donat, EMEA Regional President of the Functional Additives Business Unit of Arkema.


Arkema produces Clearstrength® MBS impact modifiers at its plant in Vlissingen (NL) and markets  them all over the world. Arkema is now one of the only two European producers of core-shell methylmethacrylate-butadiene-styrene (MBS) impact modifiers.



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