Arkema’s improved Luperox® AIR® XL80 and AIR® XL2 crosslinking technology to be featured at the IEC Rubber Expo, Oct. 8-10

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Arkema Inc. continues to innovate, develop and improve its Luperox® AIR® technology used for rubber crosslinking with the introduction of Luperox® AIR® XL80 and Luperox® AIR® XL2 organic peroxides. This latest technology has been developed based on positive customer interaction, market feedback and extensive lab and plant evaluations. It will be featured at the upcoming IEC Rubber Expo in Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 8-10, 2019.

Luperox® AIR® XL80 organic peroxide, which features improved free flow properties, allows year-round warehouse storage with no blocking at normal temperatures. It also maintains excellent mechanical performance and cure properties in the presence of air. Users can exceed the compression set and heat-aging performance offered by traditional sulfur vulcanization without nitrosamine by-products, and produce excellent tack-free surfaces.


Luperox® AIR® XL2 organic peroxide continues the value offer of curing EPDM compounds in the presence of air with tack-free surfaces. Even at a lower loading level, AIR® XL2 consistently exceeds the heat aging and compression set performance of sulfur. In addition, users can eliminate steam or nitrogen purging, the use of talc, and reduce scrap by increasing compound shelf-life.


Introduced in 2017, Luperox® AIR® XL organic peroxide was designed to answer customer needs in cross-linking EPDM, EPM and HNBR polymers for improved mechanical performance and heat aging properties. It also eliminates nitrosamine by-products as compared to the standard sulfur-cure.


Traditional sulfur-containing EPDM compounds must be used within 24 hours. Compounds containing Luperox® AIR® XL80 and AIR® XL2 organic peroxides have demonstrated shelf stability for weeks or even months.


Industrial and transportation markets depend on the compression set and tensile performance of EPDM and other elastomers for a range of components and products. The finished goods need to perform under extreme conditions for long life spans to meet consumer demands. AIR® XL80 and AIR® XL2 organic peroxides can help to move elastomer performance to the next level. Stop by Arkema’s IEC Rubber Expo booth, #1020, to learn more about its AIR® crosslinking technology.


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