Bostik enhances the adhesive performance of the 2017 Tour de France riders' race numbers

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Race numbers are the surest way for race officials to identify the riders. In recent years, pressure-sensitive race numbers made from stiff material were no longer able to closely fit the mesh of the jerseys, which were becoming very light, supple and elastic.


So, engineers at Bostik, Official Partner of the Tour de France, have developed an innovative adhesive that is not only effective on the technical fabric of the jerseys, but is also comfortable for the riders and easy to use.


This latest generation adhesive, based on the solvent-free, pressure-sensitive hotmelt technology, is extremely effective despite its low adhesive coverage.

The outcome: the new race numbers stick perfectly despite the extreme race conditions (resistance to wind, rain, sweat, etc.), offer greater comfort, and are easy to remove at the end of each stage without damaging the jerseys or leaving any marks.


Gone are the days when the riders resorted to safety pins to hold in place their race numbers that would no longer stick!  With this smart adhesive innovation from Bostik, the riders will remain smart throughout the race!