Coatex Includes In Its Portfolio The Acquisition Of Polyphobe™ Rheology Modifiers

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As a result of the acquisition by Arkema of UCAR Emulsion Systems (UES) from Dow, Coatex will be supplying POLYPHOBETM products to the Paint and Coatings industry in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. The POLYPHOBETM trademark has exceptional market recognition as a family of tailored hydrophobically modified alkali soluble thickeners (HASE) for interior and exterior paints and coatings.


Coatex is uniquely positioned to supply POLYPHOBE™ products to the Paint and Coatings industry. Besides, Coatex combines a market approach dedicated to rheology additives for water based formulations. Coatex had been toll-manufacturing POLYPHOBE™ in its Chester, South Carolina plant for several years.

“The addition of POLYPHOBE™ range to our product portfolio fits perfectly with our strategy of developing our presence on the North American Market to provide innovative solutions and best service to our Customers.” says Alain Mari, CEO of Coatex. 

“Our priority is to make this transition as smooth and transparent as possible for customers” says Eric Kaiser, marketing director for Arkema Emulsion Systems, formerly UES. “The POLYPHOBE™ line is an excellent example of how we can work with Coatex to find solutions for our customers”.

POLYPHOBE™ technologies will further broaden Coatex’s rheology additive portfolio. Coatex’s trademarks  includes COAPUR™ (HEUR), solvent free and heavy metal free polyurethane thickeners, ECODIS™, acrylic dispersing agents, RHEOTECH™, acrylic associative thickeners combining differentiated rheology performance with excellent eco-profiles. These technologies are available from Coatex on a worldwide basis.


About Coatex:
Coatex is focused on designing and producing rheology additives for aqueous formulations and waterborne processes.  These high-performance and environmentally friendly additives are used all around the world in a wide variety of applications, such as Paint & Coatings, Paper, Minerals Processing, Concrete and Gypsum.  Coatex is part of the Arkema group.


About Arkema:
A global chemical company and France’s leading chemical producer, Arkema consists of three business segments: Vinyl Products, Industrial Chemicals, and Performance Products. Present in over 40 countries with 15,000 employees, Arkema achieved sales of 5.6 billion euros in 2008. With its six research centers in France, the United States and Japan, and internationally recognized brands, Arkema holds leadership positions in its principal markets.


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