Coatex innovation at the heart of a biocontrol solution for crop protection

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Coatex, a world leader in specialty additives, and its partner M2I Life Sciences have developed an innovative biocontrol solution against the pine processionary caterpillar.

Early 2014, Coatex and M2I Life Sciences (French expert in the production of active molecules) reached an agreement on the use of micro-encapsulation technologies for sustainable crop protection. This collaboration venture allows the M2i Life Sciences group to exploit an encapsulation technology patented by Coatex for the controlled release of pheromones.

Biological fight against insect pest populations

An insect pest harmful to forests and people, the pine processionary caterpillar is placed under close surveillance.


To counter its development, the innovation developed by Coatex and M2i Life Sciences consists in applying, by paintball, encapsulated pheromones in the affected regions.

The use of sex pheromones dispenses with the need for traps targeting insect pest populations. Moreover, pheromone encapsulation improves and extends their release time to up to 120 days, namely the entire lifecycle of the pest.

Coatex innovates against the pine processionary caterpillar


This innovative and environmentally sound biocontrol solution opens up the way for new opportunities in arboriculture.


In November 2015, this innovation was given recognition at the World Efficiency show in Paris.

About Coatex

With over 40 years’ experience, Coatex, an Arkema subsidiary, ranks among the world’s leading producers of rheology additives for waterborne formulations and processes.


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