Coatex technical break #9: Viscoatex™ 560 for textured and thick coatings

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After a few weeks of interruption, we propose you to restart our appointments around a technical break with brand new contents. Why not taking few minutes to review possible solutions we may have to offer and solve some of your unmet needs?​

The topic of this technical break is:

Viscoatex™ 560 for textured and thick coatings


We invite you to find out more about textured and thick paints through:

  • A benchmark comparing different acrylic thickeners and their differences​,
  • The key benefits of Viscoatex™ 560, our new ASE acrylic thickener.

Viscoatex™ 560 is a formaldehyde-free, APEO-free, Heavy metal-free and Solvent-free non associative thickener designed for use in coatings, paints, adhesives and sealants. 


It confers a specific rheology profile to paints and coatings providing ease of application while exhibiting an excellent sag resistance and storage stability

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Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.



Fabienne DROUEL
Marketing Communication Manager - Coatex Group