Filing of Arkema 2019 Universal Registration Document / Outlook for 2020

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Arkema hereby announces the publication of its 2019 Universal Registration Document.

The Universal Registration Document was filed on 26 March 2020 with the French Markets Authority (AMF).

Outlook for 2020

At the date of this publication, the Covid-19 epidemic continues to rapidly spread across the world, and the evolution of the situation as well as the magnitude of its impacts on the global economy are highly uncertain.

Arkema is implementing all appropriate actions to address the situation, to protect its employees, and to limit consequences on operations and results, relying in particular on the Group’s solid balance sheet and financing capabilities.

On February 27, upon publication of its 2019 annual results, Arkema set out its outlook for 2020 excluding the impact of the coronavirus. In this fast-changing environment, this guidance is no longer relevant.

At this point in time, Arkema is not in a position to give an estimate of the impact of Covid-19 on its 2020 results. The aggregated impact on the Group’s EBITDA in January and February amounted to approximately €20 million. Arkema will reassess the situation on a regular basis.


Chapter “Risks” of the 2019 Universal Registration Document includes developments relating to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.


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