Fix & Flash from Bostik “Voted Product of the Year 2019”

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Bostik has gained recognition by consumers, who have voted Fix & Flash “Product of the year 2019” in the “repair glue” category.
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Building on over 125 years’ experience at the service of industry and construction, Bostik’s latest repair glue Fix & Flash for the first time makes a cutting-edge professional technology available to the general public, for small repairs, decoration and crafts. .

Le kit de vente de Fix and Flash

A break with the traditional world of bonding, Fix & Flash uses LED light to ensure fast curing, on any surface and any material.

After the glue has been applied, the bond may be repositioned for 5 seconds before instant bonding is activated by means of an LED light. The glue remains clear, with no yellowing, for a flawless finish.

Simple, easy to apply and rechargeable, it delivers impressive results in terms of effectiveness.



Bostik also plans to market Fix & Flash in the United Kingdom and in Germany in early 2019, before rolling it out in other regions of the world.


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