Immediate price increase of 15% on the whole range of Forane® HFC grades in Europe

- Short news
Arkema Fluorochemicals announces a new price increase in Europe of 15% for packaged and bulk grades for all Forane® HFC products, with immediate effect or as contracts allow.

In a macroeconomic environment that has profoundly changed in the past few months, this price increase is necessary to pursue the improvement in the profitability of the HFCs activities and the development of lower GWP alternatives.

Arkema’s Fluorochemicals business unit produces and markets a range of fluorinated gases under the Forane® brand in the following markets worldwide:

  • Refrigerant fluids for refrigeration and air-conditioning, including commercial and industrial refrigeration, construction, automotive and other applications;
  • Blowing agents for polymer foams, specifically polyurethane and polystyrene;
  • Feedstock for the production of fluoropolymers;
  • Degreasing, cleaning and drying solvents;
  • Aerosol sprays.


Marco Bertani
Forane Commercial Director - Europe