In Genay, Beehives Are Promoting Biodiversity

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Social responsibility
As part of a global approach to help the environment, the Coatex site in Genay has installed three beehives to promote local biodiversity.

A Unifying Project Concerning Biodiversity

Installation of one of the hives

The Coatex site in Genay now hosts three beehives located on land next to the plant.


The project arose from the idea of an employee who is passionate about bees and has a beehive at home. Proposed as part of a more global environmental action plan implemented by the site (see box below), the idea was quickly adopted and supported by management.


The beehives were installed by the Naturama Association with the help of a beekeeper and former trainer. One of the objectives of this project is to unite an internal employee community by raising awareness and then training group of volunteers, so they will eventually be able to manage and maintain the beehives.

For external audiences visiting the site (customers, local elected officials, schoolchildren, etc.), signage will be installed to present the project and show how beehives can be integrated into an industrial area.


Obviously, bees also mean honey: once harvested and potted, it will be distributed to employees and visitors to the site.

Environmental Action Plan

The Genay site has launched an environmental action plan with various components:


  • Biodiversity, for which the installation of the hives is the perfect embodiment
  • Reducing plastic waste, such as eliminating plastic bottles and cups on-site
  • Reducing the carbon footprint, with the implementation of a platform to connect employees who want to carpool
  • Employee training, particularly in the Arkenergy program conducted across the Arkema Group to optimize energy consumption