Intermarché chooses new Altuglas® Black and White LED system sheet for its signs in Europe

- Press release
Intermarché has selected the new-generation Altuglas® Black & White LED System sheet for its illuminated signs in Europe.

"Reconciling energy saving with identification for a shop, by day and by night, with consistent results, is a challenge that has been met successfully by Intermarché shops," stresses Antoine BARTONE, member in charge of signs at les Mousquetaires. "The technical solution adopted is economical and enables us to make a real 50% saving on electricity bills, compared with conventional signs already fitted with LEDs*. Initially, 1,000 Intermarché sites in France are affected." 

Conventional tubes, using too much energy, are being phased out for illuminated signs. Nowadays it is LEDs (light-emitting diodes) that shine out instead. Altuglas International supported this changeover with the launch of the new Altuglas® LED System range in 2008 and the new technical solution put to Intermarché towards the end of 2009.

Intermarché went for sustainable development in adopting the technical solution offered by Altuglas International. The new Altuglas® Black & White LED System sheet makes it possible to reduce the energy consumed by illuminated signs by more than 50% compared with standard Altuglas® Black & White.

In developing Altuglas® Black & White LED System sheet, two properties were brought into play: diffusion factor and covering capacity, the effect of which is to conceal point sources of light.

"The higher the diffusion factor, the fewer the LEDs needed and therefore the lower the cost of the sign," says Jean-Marc BIRAGNET, Sheet Marketing Manager Europe. "Comparative measurements with competing sheets show that we offer the best diffusion factor."

The flexibility of this type of lighting is unrivalled. Signs can be in all shapes and colours. Giving a satin finish to the surface takes the effect even further. The colours seem alight from within. And this without losing sharpness. With or without lighting, colours always match the corporate graphic scheme perfectly. Altuglas® Black & White LED System is part of the Night & Day range for whose applications Altuglas International holds a patent. 
More about Intermarché:
With more than 4,000 sales outlets in Europe and a turnover of 32,700 million euros in 2007, Les Mousquetaires is one of the major forces in the supermarket world. Set up in France in 1969, this group of independent shops based on private initiative has more than 3,000 independent company managers and 130,000 staff.  Les Mousquetaires is also found in Portugal, Belgium and the Balkans. Its names are Intermarché, Ecomarché, Netto, Bricomarché, Roady and Restaumarché. Les Mousquetaires puts the consumer first, ensuring the best quality/price ratio.

More about Altuglas International:
Altuglas International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ARKEMA Group, is world leader in PMMA, manufacturing 20% of world demand in the form of sheet, block and resin.
Its registered trademarks for PMMA are Plexiglas®  for the continent of America and Altuglas® for the rest of the world.


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