K2013: Altuglas®, the PMMA experts brand brings creativity, innovation and sustainable solutions

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Arkema at K2013 – Dusseldorf – Germany - International fair – plastics and rubber - October 16th – 23rd 2013

Altuglas®, the LED specialist.

A new resin range for LED lighting: Altuglas® Diffuse

Altuglas® Diffuse acrylic resins are materials with a unique light management characteristic. The light transmission is maximized while conversely affording the best hiding power possible.


Altuglas® Diffuse is designed to provide LED luminaire OEMs and optics suppliers with the best of both worlds i.e. excellent efficiency and ideal aesthetics.


Altuglas® Diffuse hides the individual points of light white maintaining overall high transmission.

Special Sign: a new generation of coloured Altuglas® acrylic sheet optimised for LEDs

Altuglas International, has recently launched its new generation of Altuglas® acrylic sheet optimised for LEDs (Light Emitting Diode): Altuglas® LED system and Altuglas® Night & Day. The formulation of the acrylic glass is optimized for a uniform and maximised light distribution associated with LEDs.

The result: coloured acrylic sheet with high light transmission which reduces energy consumption and the number of LEDs used by up to 20% compared to a standard acrylic sheet.


14 standard colours are available and could also be offered in Corporate Identity Colours. The applications of this new generation of acrylic sheet vary from sign, signage to architecture and design (interior and exterior)

Special Sign: introduction of coloured Altuglas® acrylic blocks optimised for LEDs

Altuglas International launches in fall 2013 its new generation of Altuglas® acrylic blocks optimised for LEDs (Light Emitting Diode): Altuglas® Blocks LED system.


6 colours are available plus the opal. Corporate Identity Colours can also be proposed.


The applications vary from sign, signage to architecture and design (interior and exterior).

Altuglas® , a weight “optimizer” in transports

Altuglas®Composite, the first thermoplastic resin that processes like thermosets

Altuglas® Composite is the first new thermoplastic resin which allows the manufacturing of composite parts on the same equipments and processes as thermoset composites. The resulting composite parts exhibit mechanical properties similar to those of thermoset parts, but their thermoplastic nature brings the added advantages of thermoformability and recyclability. With this major innovation, Arkema and its partners have won a JEC Award in the “Thermoplastics” category.


The properties are similar to thermoset composites, but also thermoformable, recyclable, weldable and styrene-free! The innovation is validated by a successful partnership with MVC, a leading Brazilian industrial company.


The range of properties has been optimized through partnerships with additional industry leaders.

A fully transparent limousine

Altuglas® is a partner of the film Mood Indigo coming to theatre till December 2013 on a worldwide basis. This is the film adaptation of the eponymous book of the French author Boris Vian published in 1947. Michel Gondry, the famous Director has swarmed futuristic and surreal ideas. Altuglas International brought his personal touch by providing nanostructured Altuglas® ShieldUp produced in St Avold (57) for LimoVian, the fully transparent limousine.

An ultra-resistant boat cockpit window made of Altuglas®

A unique boat building in Europe, the Arkema-Région Aquitaine multihull benefits from major innovations developed by the Arkema Group, Among them Altuglas® ShieldUp nanostructured acrylic sheet.


The cockpit window and the glazing shielding the two helms are made of Altuglas® ShieldUp, ananostructured acrylic sheet developed by the subsidiary Altuglas International’s R&D.

An ultra-resistant aircraft cockpit window in Altuglas®

Altuglas International, subsidiary of Arkema group has recently reintroduced Altuglas® II UVA and Altuglas® P55 acrylic sheets to the aerospace market.


Both acrylic sheets are preshrunk and specially designed for use in a wide variety of aircraft components including military canopies, aircraft windshields, wing tip lights, instrument clusters, helicopter bubbles, aircraft side windows and other transparent aerospace enclosures.

Biopolymers: a sustainable recognized innovation

Altuglas® Rnew resins allow major brands to meet their sustainability targets


Altuglas International and NatureWorks, a leader in the bio-plastics market with its Ingeo™ biopolymers derived from plants, have signed in 2012 a global co-marketing agreement. The agreement enables to deliver a range of newly formulated bio-based, high performance alloys based on polymethylmethacrylate and Ingeo™.


This unique range of resins affords customizable formulating latitude providing exceptional impact- and chemical-resistance properties. The products are designed to for durable applications such as signage, lighting, consumer products, transportation, cosmetic packaging and large and small appliances.


Altuglas International received the R&D magazine’s 2012 R&D100 Award for its Altuglas® Rnew. This award recognizes the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace over the past year.

Bring added value to medical device: Altuglas® Luctor alloy

New Altuglas® Luctor medical grade acrylic alloy designed to reduce processing costs

Altuglas International’s Luctor polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) alloy flows twice as far as conventional transparent medical polymers in thin wall injection mold cavities.  With this new material, devices such as intravenous (IV) line components can be molded with thinner wall sections, using multi-cavity molds to reduce material and processing costs. Altuglas® Luctor PMMA alloy is free of bisphenol A (BPA).


Altuglas® Luctor PMMA alloy is a chemically resistant, transparent polymer that offers a step-wise improvement in flow over traditional transparent polymers, such as PMMA and polycarbonate.

New colours introduction in fall 2013 for the design specialists


Altuglas® acrylic sheet introduce 16 new colours of Altuglas® Silverstar with a bright metallic glitter for a POS, furnishing and fittings, industrial applications.


Altuglas® acrylic sheet launches 9 new colours of Altuglas® Granite. Voluptuous to the touch. It is the perfect material to give movement to your displays, store designs, offices, balconies, etc.  The range comes in transparent colourless, pastels and richer colours.


Find out more about Altuglas International, a subsidiary of ARKEMA:

Altuglas International, world leader integrated in PMMA, is heavily involved in the field of engineered plastic - from MMA monomer to PMMA Acrylic glass – Altuglas International designs and manufactures highly innovative products tailored to the specific needs of its global customers. Its 1300 committed employees contribute daily to the success of its three areas of business (MMA, acrylic sheets and PMMA resins).


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