L'atelier 4.20, a showcase for Arkema innovation!

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Our innovations deserved a dedicated space, an innovative and cutting-edge space to help us understand and experiment with Arkema’s chemistry! So here it is. On Thursday 21 September, Arkema inaugurated L'atelier 4.20 by Arkema in the presence of Thierry Le Hénaff, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Located at the heart of Arkema’s headquarters (Colombes, France), this unique showroom exemplifies the Group’s “Innovative Chemistry” vision. Through experimentation and interactive tools, this immersive place, which targets all Arkema stakeholders - employees, customers, partners, members of the media, shareholders - invites you to discover some of the innovative solutions and advanced materials developed by Arkema’s R&D teams.

Immerse yourself at the heart of our activities

L'atelier 4.20 retraces over 200 m² Arkema’s course in the last 10 years and its ambitions for the years to come, but in particular places the emphasis on the Group’s R&D and innovations. Through videos, tablets, interactive terminals and experiments, visitors can find out where our thousands of products play an often inconspicuous role in everyday applications, for example:  

  • One third of batteries in electronic devices contain Kynar® PVDF to improve their performance and lifetime.
  • Thanks to our Rilsan® polyamides and our Elium® thermoplastic resin for composites, which replaces metal, it is possible to cut down the weight of a car by up to 100 kg and therefore reduce fuel consumption by 0.4 liter per 100 km.
  • The latest Kynar® ultrafiltration membranes filter out, from water, suspended matter measuring a few tens of nanometers, like viruses and bacteria, i.e. particles 10,000 times smaller than the thickness of a hair!
  • Our new sealants help reduce by 15% heat losses through walls.
  • Our piezoelectric polymers are used to manufacture loudspeakers in the shape of films barely thicker than a sheet of paper!


These are but a few examples of the items showcased in L'atelier 4.20 by Arkema that illustrate the extent to which our chemistry plays a key, albeit mostly discreet, role in our everyday life, and help shape a more sustainable world by addressing the major societal challenges of our time.

Why L'atelier 4.20?

L'atelier 4.20 by Arkema


L'atelier because it is a place of experiment and experimentation


420 is a reference to the postal address of Arkema’s headquarters


4.20 is a nod to the digital era