L'atelier 4.20 celebrates two years of success!

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Designed as a demonstrator of innovations, and itself calling on the latest technologies to explain in simple terms the purpose of our materials and chemistry, L'atelier 4.20 has lived up to its promises since its inauguration at the Arkema headquarters in 2017. In two years, close to 6,500 visitors - employees, customers, higher education students, high school students, R&D partners - have been won over by its cutting-edge appeal. To celebrate this great success, Arkema is posting to its website a new immersive tool allowing visitors to feel as if they were there, while also launching an educational and engaging web series devoted to its key innovations.

To enable our audiences to better understand and experiment with Arkema’s genius is the mission of L'atelier 4.20, a 200 m2 high-tech showroom that offers an unusual journey into the heart of our activities by staging, through an educational approach, our chemicals in everyday applications. Entering the infinitely small in matter to understand how essential our materials are, to filter impurities measuring a few nanometers in the production of drinking water, or to enable batteries in electric cars and smartphones to operate. Discovering that a simple castor oil plant can turn into an ultra-performance “green” plastic for the manufacture of engine parts, eye glasses or sports shoes, … These are just some of the flagship displays that have left our visitors in amazement.

An immersive experience... and a web series!

Building on the success of L'atelier 4.20, we have decided to invite as many people as possible to share in the wealth of this venue, thanks to a novel immersive tool that offers a unique virtual and interactive experience. In just a few clicks you will step into the showroom and enter into the heart of our innovations! And to shed even more light on our innovations, we have devised a web series with the help of our scientific mediator who will be delighted to share with you his passion for science and chemistry. But enough said … Mark your diaries to visit our website and social networks on 24 September to view the first episode. Meanwhile… why not have a look at this teaser ?